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What is Sling Television/Sling TV?

There's been a lot in the news about Sling TV, an over-the-air live TV product. Yet it is NOT a Sling Media product! Read on for details.

The recently-announced Sling TV service is not a Sling Media product.

It is a DISH Network service that enables you to stream live TV over the Internet to your TV, tablet, phone, or computer.

It offers a select number of channels, and requires a monthly subscription. Sling TV is for anyone who wants to get rid of cable, their set-top box, or to not buy a cable or satellite subscription at all.

Sling TV has its own mobile app. It is separate from Sling Media's Slingplayer app, so be sure you get the correct app!

A Slingbox is perfect if you already have a cable or satellite set-top box at home, and want to watch 100% of your live or recorded TV anywhere in the world on your TV, tablet, phone, or computer. With a Slingbox, there are no monthly fees. To watch on your mobile device, you must download the Slingplayer app. The Sling TV app does not work with the Slingbox.

To add to the confusion, Sling Media's Slingbox 500 used to be called SlingTV (without the space). Although we've rewritten our documentation to avoid this, it's possible that you could still see a reference to "SlingTV/Slingbox 500" in our documentation. That simply refers to the Slingbox 500.

Finally, DishWorld is no longer supported by the Slingbox 500. It is now part of Sling TV, and has been renamed Sling International.

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