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Setting up an HD TiVo to work with a Slingbox Classic

If you'd like to watch your HD TiVo via your Slingbox Classic, don't fret! This article shows you how to set everything up properly.

Although the Slingbox Classic can't receive and display High-Definition (HD) video signals, it still can work with nearly all HD devices if you know how to switch the settings on the input A/V device correctly.  The key is to make sure that the Slingbox always receives a standard definition signal (480 lines interlaced only).  This article is about a particular model (the HR10-250 DirecTV TiVo), however the general ideas can be applied to many HD units.

First step: Configure the DirecTV TiVo so it can work with the Slingbox

1.       Navigate to the OUTPUT FORMAT setup page by following the screenshots below:





2.       Select the Output Format-UP Arrow Setup and you’ll see the screen below.  The Slingbox requires a 480i video signal. Therefore, 480i must be selected as one of the preferred video formats (see screen shot below). 480i (standard definition interlaced) is the only format that can be used to output video via the SVID or Composite (yellow) jacks on the TiVo. Click SELECT to make 480i one of your choices. In addition, choose 720p and/or 1080i (the appropriate setting for your HDTV set).


Second step: Set your aspect ratio (only applies to widescreen TV owners)

If your TiVo is set for a 16:9 HDTV set, the aspect ratio on your SlingPlayer may look ‘squished’. Follow these steps:


1a) Click on the “window” button which toggles between a cropped image on a wide screen TV and an image that stretches across the entire wide screen TV.  A combination of a 16:9 and a "stretched" output will yield a signal that will display properly on your Slingbox.


1b) Change the aspect ratio setting in your TiVo Settings Menu to 4:3 and set the TV Aspect Correct to “Panel” (per the following screenshots)

Start in the Video Setting menu, and select “TV Aspect Ratio”.  Then make sure you switch from Wide Screen to 4:3 mode:


Next, return to the Video Settings menu, and select “TV Aspect Correction”:


Finally, select “Panel” mode:


That’s it for the TiVo! Now you're all set up to use the HDTV TiVo with your Slingbox - but we still need to configure your Slingbox properly, so moving right along...

Third step: Configure your Slingbox via the Setup Wizard

Go through the setup wizard as usual (either through running the Setup Wizard directly or by configuring your Slingbox through the SlingPlayer) but first make sure you have already set your TiVo to operate in 480i mode (see First Step above).  If you haven't configured the TiVo up for 480i, you can still set up the Slingbox - you just won't see video in the Setup Wizard's preview window.

Last step: Using the SlingPlayer to connect to your HD TiVo

  • Once you connect to your HD TiVo via the SlingPlayer, simply hit the UP arrow on the SlingPlayer remote control in order to toggle the video output resolution.
  • If you hear audio but do not see video, it probably means that your TiVo is not in 480i mode (most likely still in 720p or 1080i mode).
  • Hit the UP arrow once, wait about a second, and hit the UP arrow a second time. You should now see video.

NOTE: when you are using the HD TiVo in SD (480i) mode, you will also be watching in that same mode on your HDTV set.

  • All Sling services are functioning normally.
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