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What to do if your Slingbox connection drops

It's possible that under some circumstances, your computer's connection to your Slingbox could drop. The good news is that this is not likely to happen ... and the solution is often simply connecting again.

If you lose the connection to your Slingbox

If you're connected to your Slingbox and the connection drops, it's probably because of a momentary network glitch. Try connecting to your Slingbox again the way you normally do. Most of the time, you'll reconnect just fine, and this rare occurrence is unlikely to happen again.

If this doesn't help ...

Follow the steps below.

If you are trying to connect to your Slingbox from outside of your home

Check to see if you have an Internet connection where you currently are. Can you:

  • access websites
  • check your email
  • use any other Internet features

If not, check for a problem with the Internet service at your current location. If you find a problem and resolve it, you should be able to reconnect to your Slingbox.

If you can access the Internet at your current location

There could be a problem with your Internet service back at home. Ask someone there to check the following (or check yourself when you get home):

  • Make sure that you have Internet access at home. If not, check with your ISP for troubleshooting advice.
  • Make sure that your Slingbox is powered on and shows two red lights (for power and network) on its front panel.
  • Try connecting to your Slingbox from within your home network to make sure basic connections are correct. (Doing this won't verify your ability to connect away from home.)
  • Try restarting your Slingbox by pressing and then immediately releasing the Reset button on the back panel. Allow your Slingbox a few moments to reset itself. When both red lights on the front panel are glowing steadily, your Slingbox is ready.
  • If none of these suggestions help, go to to reconfigure your Slingbox for Internet Viewing. If you have a Slingbox 350 or 500, see the article below.

If this happens repeatedly, you might want to check with your ISP to see if there's something wrong with your home network connection.

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What if the automatic router setup doesn't work?

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