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Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues

Does your Slingbox SOLO have difficulty maintaining a stream for more than a few minutes, or does it display a flashing or "no network" light? Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to try to resolve the issue.


Your Slingbox SOLO was working properly for a period of time, and then started having one or more of these issues:

  1. The Slingbox SOLO streams normally, either while you're at home or away from home, and then stops streaming after 1-20 minutes.


  2. The Slingbox SOLO displays a flashing network light.


  3. The Slingbox SOLO displays no network light after appropriate troubleshooting is performed.


  4. While streaming, the lights on the Slingbox SOLO flash and the device appears to reboot. The reboot may be very fast (5-10 seconds), and doesn't take as long to restart as when the unit is power cycled normally (about 30 seconds).


You'll first want to verify that the issue isn't being caused by any issues related to other hardware or software. Here are a few key troubleshooting steps to take:

  1. Restart both your Slingbox SOLO and your home router

    • Unplug your Slingbox from the power outlet.
    • Unplug your router from the power outlet.
    • Wait about 5 seconds.
    • Plug the router back in.
    • Wait 30 seconds.
    • Plug the Slingbox back in.

        If that doesn't work, move on to step 2.

  2. Check the physical connections

    • Take the time to eliminate additional networking hardware (SlingLink, Wi-Fi bridges, etc.) to make absolutely sure that the Slingbox SOLO has a properly-functioning network connection.
    • Make sure that the cables connecting your Slingbox and your router are properly in place. To do this, disconnect, and then reconnect the ethernet cable between your Slingbox and your router.
    • Once done, restart your Slingbox. To restart your Slingbox, quickly press and release the reset button on the back (don't hold it in).

        If that doesn't work, move on to step 3.

  3. Eliminate any virus or security software on your computer

    • Temporarily disable Norton, Kaspersky (or similar) security software on your system and try to connect again.

        If that doesn't work, move on to step 4.

  4. Hard reset your Slingbox

    • See the related article below, "How to reset your Slingbox" for details.
    • After being reset, the Slingbox will take less than a minute to start up. During this time, these two lights will blink. If the Slingbox is hooked up correctly and functioning normally, these lights will eventually stop blinking and just be solid red. If the Slingbox is not connecting properly to the network, the Network light on the left will continue to blink.


What to do if the troubleshooting above doesn't help

Just call us! There are links below this page and above to the right with our contact information. If these steps haven't resolved your issue, we'd like to try to help determine if you have a hardware issue.

If you call us for help and are outside of your one-year complimentary support period, we will initially charge you for support, as per our Paid Support options (see article below for details).

However, if we determine that your issue is a warranty hardware issue that we cannot resolve over the phone, we will:

  • Replace the Slingbox SOLO for free.

  • Refund the support fee you purchased.

When you call us, please note that our Support Professionals may go through additional troubleshooting steps - some that you may have already performed! We require that you are at the physical location of your Slingbox.

If we are able to fix your issue over the phone, please note that the support fee cannot be refunded!

Contact Sling Media Support

Contact Sling Media

The Sling Media technical support team can be contacted via phone or chat. Here are all the details!

Sling Media Complimentary Support Offerings

Complimentary support for the Slingbox and SlingCatcher hardware provides telephone support for basic setup, installation, assembly, and connectivity. See the user guide included with your Slingbox or SlingCatcher for more information.

Sling Media Paid Support Offerings

If you are outside your free support period for your Sling Media product and would like to get some help from our support team, we have a few paid options available.

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